Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pure Love

True love only comes,
From hearts untainted,
Love is the purest emotion,
The only emotion,
Coming straight from the heart,
An uncontrollable feeling,
Makes you weak a the knees,
And puts a flutter in your heart,
Like nothing else,
The healer of all wounds,
Love is what life is all about,
Finding "the one" or "Mr.Right",
To the love of a true friend,
And the acceptance of our families,
A heart with no scars, is only,
That of a young child,
The wounds and scars are put there,
So one day someone will come,
And heal the brokenness,
With the power of love,
We are never truly alone.

The Good Die Young

Why is life so tragic,
A Fragile balance of life and death,
Good and bad,
Love and hate,
A fragile balance off set by the word of a single heart,
One heart broken,
Another on the mend,
One life tragically lost,
Others disheartened,
The strength of a family,
Is not blood,
Is not the weight of one heart,
But the union of many,
The strength of love,
In blood and friends,
Life is a battle,
Won hard,
Or lost easy.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Heart Enclosed

My heart is locked,
I have a key,
Yet it doesn't,
belong to me 

Bar around,
locked in solid,
Kept to myself,
For as long as, 
I can remember,

My heart enclosed,
No one let in,
To afraid of being hurt,
To let in the light of love,

Never take a chance,
Don't get hurt,

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Alone in the darkness of my world,
No one but me to look to,
By myself for the millionth time,
I should be used to this by now,
What to do now,
No one's here to comfort me,
Not that I would want it if i did,
Only me and my thoughts left,
Where has all the happiness gone?
It's like the light left me.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Fading away into the darkness,
Nothing left to hold on to,
Wait is that my name?
Someone's calling me?
But why no one needs me,
To stay I need something,
To want me here, to need me,
The way I need you,
Your are the light,
In a world full of darkness,
You are my warmth,
When my heart has grown cold,
Sweetheart, you are what keeps me going,
I need you, I love you,
I want to be by your side always,
I only hope you know how much you truly mean to me.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Thoughts

Alone again thinking clearly,
So many things, can't focus,
Family, love, friends, and more,
Fighting for top thought,
I decide to forget it all,
And step outside my skin,
Let my creative soul to fly free,
Getting my heart down on paper,
With my trusting pencil,
Letting the world see who I am,
Not who I pretend to be,
Letting the wall down,
To show my golden heart,
With the innocence of a child,
My eyes see only the good,
In the hearts of others.

Your Never Alone

Going through the motions,
Don't know what to do,
So I just sit there waiting on you,
Looking around I don't know what I see,
Do you really even see me?
Does anyone see the rue me?
But truth be told,
I'll wait on you,
Until my time on earth is through,
And even if you never come again,
The first time was enough,
You walked away with my heart,
So loving you is what I'll do,
Even if you move on without me,
You'll never be without my love,
Because whether you see it or not,
This broken heart will belong to you,
No matter what you do,
It will alway belong to you.